28 tips to improve your health and fitness

28 Tips To Improve Your Health And Fitness

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past few years. Each one of them being different than the next. They’ve had their own struggles and challenges and had to learn how to overcome them as they attempted to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot along…

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Super Simple Workout Template When You're On The Go

A Super Simple Workout Template When You’re On The Go

We live in a busy world. My wife, Candice, and I were in New York City a couple of months ago. I’d been there five years ago, but didn’t remember too much about the trip (other than the tourist attractions of course). One thing that stuck out to me, this time around, was all the…

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total body workout with only 3 exercise

How To Get In A Total Body Workout With Only 3 Exercises

It’s January, and if you’ve been to a gym lately, you’ve probably noticed it’s a little more crowded than usual. It may look a little something like this. All kidding aside, it may not be a free-for-all brawl but there’s most likely more people and less equipment to use. This can be frustrating when you…

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not seeing results in the gym

What To Do When You’re Not Seeing Results In The Gym

It can be frustrating to go to the gym week in and week out and not see any visible progress. I’ve worked in several commercial gyms and can tell you from experience that the majority of gym members feel this way. They constantly put in the work, but the results just aren’t there. In times…

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single leg training

The Benefits Of Single Leg Training

Lower body training plays an important role in the effort to strip body fat and get lean. Lower body exercises use a lot of muscle mass and burn a ton of calories. But most of the movements you commonly see are things like squats, leg press, deadlifts, hip thrusts, RDLs, and the like. There’s absolutely…

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assess movement

How To Assess And Improve Movement: Part 1

An assessment is an often overlooked but rather important part of a strength training program. Everyone has limitations and movement restrictions that can prevent them from performing certain exercises with correct form. For example, office workers usually have a hard time performing any overhead exercises correctly. Sitting at a desk all day places them into…

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What Exercises Are Best For Fat Loss?

A couple weeks back, I wrote about how diet was more important for fat loss than exercise. I didn’t say exercise was irrelevant, but when you compare the two, nutrition seems to have a greater effect on body composition than exercise alone. I also mentioned why strength training is a vital piece of the fat loss…

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Applying the Deadlift in Everyday Life

Last week I talked about how the deadlift was one of the best exercises you should be doing. In this post, I want to talk about how to apply this lift to your daily activities. Since you are doing deadlifts now right? 🙂 So often, I see people pick things up off the floor like…

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The Deadlift: An Exercise You Should Be Doing

The gym is loaded with people trying new exercises each and every day. I have seen some odd things before. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone tries to create new flashy exercises in order to look cool or stand out. Fortunately though, most of the exercises that you need have already been created.…

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