The Truth About Weight Loss

According to a new study done this year, 49% of Americans want to lose weight (1). When you think about the fact that there are over 320 million people living in the United States, 49% is a ton of people who think they’d look better if they shed a few pounds. The unfortunate thing about…

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A Simple Way To Eat More Vegetables Throughout The Day

There’s no debating the importance of eating more vegetables throughout the day. I’ve mentioned the primary benefits of vegetables several times on this site before. They are loaded with fiber, contain important vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories. Research shows they also possess protective effects against cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Needless…

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Why Food Journaling Can Improve Weight Loss Results

Weight loss is one of the most sought after goals in America. Unfortunately, many struggle to find success. And if they do lose weight, it’s not as much as they were hoping for. Well, what if I told you though just by doing one thing, you could double your results. You could lose twice as…

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strategy to break any habit

One Unbelievably Easy Strategy To Break Any Habit

Habits, habits, habits. It’s seems like that’s all I talk about. 🙂  While this may be the case, the reality is habits either drive success or failure. If you’re holding on to bad habits, they can destroy any chance you have of accomplishing your goals. As I’ve talked about before, a habit has three distinct…

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Do You Need To “Earn Your Carbohydrates”?

The health and wellness industry is expected to be worth 1 trillion dollars by 2017. Yes, you read that right. 1 trillion dollars! This industry is home to categories like fitness, nutrition, supplements, clothing, and wearable tech. The market has a huge reach, not only in America, but around the world too. And within any…

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sustainable weight loss

Do These 3 Habits Daily For Lifelong, Sustainable Weight Loss

Back in 2014, a survey conducted by Gallup asked Americans how they felt about their weight (1). The results were telling. It revealed 51% wanted to lose weight but only 26% were actually trying. Think about that for a second. Over half of the American population are unsatisfied with their weight. The question is, “why…

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fitness and nutrition apps

5 Cool Fitness And Nutrition Apps That Make Life Easier

Technology is great, isn’t it? This day and age it seems like new and exciting things are being invented every day to make life easier. Especially when it comes to the your health. There are a lot of cool fitness and nutrition apps out there that have made getting stronger and burning fat significantly simpler. In…

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ridiculously simple strategy to make habits stick

One Ridiculously Easy Way To Make A Habit Stick

I have talked many times on this site about how important developing habits are toward accomplishing your health and fitness goals. The reason habits are so crucial is because they become hard-wired within our brains as we repeat them. This makes them extremely easy to perform. We don’t have to think, we just do. The…

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guide to habit based nutrition

A Guide To Habit Based Nutrition

One of the biggest mistakes people make when beginning a diet is trying to overhaul everything at once. For instance, most people cut out all carbohydrates on day one of a low-carb diet. Everything’s fine at first, but a few days later they feel irritable, sluggish, and persistent cravings. They eventually can’t take it anymore,…

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the value of habit building

The Value Of Habit Building In Health And Fitness

I began lifting weights in high school around 2005. I was on the varsity soccer team, and strength training was a part of our pre-season. Obviously, I was unfamiliar with resistance training at the time, but as I did it more and more I grew to enjoy it. Once I entered college, I became preoccupied…

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