how to stick to your diet long-term

How To Stick To Your Diet Long-Term

I hate diets. I’m just gonna to go ahead and say it. They’re typically useless and do nothing more than help people eat a little bit better for a few days or weeks. Though the title of this article has the word “diet” in it, I’m not referring to a typical diet like Atkins or…

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28 tips to improve your health and fitness

28 Tips To Improve Your Health And Fitness

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past few years. Each one of them being different than the next. They’ve had their own struggles and challenges and had to learn how to overcome them as they attempted to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot along…

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sustainable weight loss

Do These 3 Habits Daily For Lifelong, Sustainable Weight Loss

Back in 2014, a survey conducted by Gallup asked Americans how they felt about their weight (1). The results were telling. It revealed 51% wanted to lose weight but only 26% were actually trying. Think about that for a second. Over half of the American population are unsatisfied with their weight. The question is, “why…

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prevent holiday weight gain

One Simple Nutrition Strategy To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

The two biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are right around the corner. And with these holidays come tremendous amounts of food. Most people tend to overeat during this time of year. Between the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole it’s easy to see why. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to pack on…

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vitamin d can help you get lean

Vitamin D Can Help You Lose Body Fat? The Surprising Truth

Vitamin D deficiency is very common in America. In fact, there are roughly 3 million cases per year in the United States alone (1). Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D actually isn’t a vitamin, in the traditional sense. It’s a steroid hormone. There are two main forms, D3 and D2. D3 is found in foods like…

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Five Super Easy Steps For Real World Weight Loss

The weight loss industry as a whole can be shady. There are constantly new pills, procedures, and diets coming on the market to help you look better. But they come with a hefty price tag and usually don’t work. If they somehow do work, it usually isn’t sustainable long-term and you wind up right back…

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Nutrition Tips for the Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, I wanted to dedicate a short article to providing a couple of nutrition tips to keep you on track. Holidays are one of the guaranteed times of the year where people seem to struggle sustaining their nutritional goals. With all the family gatherings and extreme amounts of food, it’s easy to see…

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The Benefits of Fish Oil

It’s Saturday afternoon. You have a bunch of errands to run and decide to make a quick stop into GNC. You heard on Dr. Oz that there’s a new fat loss supplement on the market getting people incredible results. You have seen claims saying all you have to do is take a pill. You can eat…

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Food and Hormones: Part 3

Ok everyone, this is the last installment of this series on food and hormones. If you missed part 1 or part 2 you can catch up by clicking the links. Today, I’m going to cover the final hormone, cortisol. Now these three hormones are by no means the only hormones that play a role in the food…

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Food and Hormones: Part 2

In this article, we are going to continue our series on hormones and food.  The first post was all about insulin. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Today, we’re going to cover another important hormone, Leptin. So let’s dive right in! LEPTIN Background Leptin is a big player in satiety, metabolism, and…

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