landmine squat

One Squat Variation You Need To Try

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, get leaner, and become more athletic. It’s something that everyone should be doing from the high school basketball player to the grandmother wanting to play with her grandkids. Anyone can benefit from it. When designing your own strength training program, it’s important to…

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assess movement

How To Assess And Improve Movement: Part 1

An assessment is an often overlooked but rather important part of a strength training program. Everyone has limitations and movement restrictions that can prevent them from performing certain exercises with correct form. For example, office workers usually have a hard time performing any overhead exercises correctly. Sitting at a desk all day places them into…

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knee pain during squats

2 Quick Fixes To Relieve Knee Pain During Squats And Lunges

One of the most frustrating things you will (or may have) encounter(ed) while training is knee pain. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence for many people. Anytime you are dealing with joint pain, you have to be careful. By careful, I don’t mean stop training all together. I simply mean being creative with the way you…

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