single leg training

The Benefits Of Single Leg Training

Lower body training plays an important role in the effort to strip body fat and get lean. Lower body exercises use a lot of muscle mass and burn a ton of calories. But most of the movements you commonly see are things like squats, leg press, deadlifts, hip thrusts, RDLs, and the like. There’s absolutely…

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landmine squat

One Squat Variation You Need To Try

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, get leaner, and become more athletic. It’s something that everyone should be doing from the high school basketball player to the grandmother wanting to play with her grandkids. Anyone can benefit from it. When designing your own strength training program, it’s important to…

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Reduce Low Back Pain With This Unique Exercise

According to statistics, 80% of people will experience some sort of back pain during their life (1). Those who have suffered or are currently suffering from it know what a hassle this is. It can keep you from doing things you love. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons why you may have back pain. This makes…

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How To Assess And Improve Movement: Part 2

Last week, I talked about how easy it can be to assess your own movement patterns to determine what exercises are appropriate for your body. Not only did I mention how easy it is, but how extremely important as well. An assessment can provide a map of sorts. It gives direction and a framework on how…

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assess movement

How To Assess And Improve Movement: Part 1

An assessment is an often overlooked but rather important part of a strength training program. Everyone has limitations and movement restrictions that can prevent them from performing certain exercises with correct form. For example, office workers usually have a hard time performing any overhead exercises correctly. Sitting at a desk all day places them into…

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Creating A Plan For The New Year

This is the time of year when all the New Year’s resolutions begin. Everyone starts off with a can-do attitude and it seems like nothing will stand in their way. But just like every year, life happens. They get busy and finds ways to discontinue their resolution efforts. That’s why most resolutions (and anything for…

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What Exercises Are Best For Fat Loss?

A couple weeks back, I wrote about how diet was more important for fat loss than exercise. I didn’t say exercise was irrelevant, but when you compare the two, nutrition seems to have a greater effect on body composition than exercise alone. I also mentioned why strength training is a vital piece of the fat loss…

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4 Exercises You Need To Do In Your Warm Up

A warm up is usually the most overlooked aspect of a training program. Once the average joe hits the gym, they’re focus is on one thing: the workout. Honestly, this isn’t surprising. The workout is where the majority of people place importance. But a solid warm up can improve performance and reduce injury risk. If…

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How To Properly Warm Up

Warming up is the most overlooked aspect of a workout. Most people don’t know what a good warm up should look like. For the average gym member who does warm up, it usually consists of walking/running on the treadmill for 5 minutes followed by some static stretching. In reality, it should be and is so much more…

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knee pain during squats

2 Quick Fixes To Relieve Knee Pain During Squats And Lunges

One of the most frustrating things you will (or may have) encounter(ed) while training is knee pain. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence for many people. Anytime you are dealing with joint pain, you have to be careful. By careful, I don’t mean stop training all together. I simply mean being creative with the way you…

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