28 tips to improve your health and fitness

28 Tips To Improve Your Health And Fitness

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past few years. Each one of them being different than the next. They’ve had their own struggles and challenges and had to learn how to overcome them as they attempted to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot along…

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health and fitness

The Health And Fitness Equation

One of my nephews recently started learning his multiplication tables in school. He has this little game where a problem is presented and he has to select the answer he thinks is correct. I watched him one day and started thinking about how simple basic math is. I mean, 2 x 2 will always equal…

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under-eating can prevent you from losing weight

How Under-Eating Can Prevent You From Losing Weight

Most of clients I see at Tidewater Fitness come in looking to lose weight, become leaner, drop a few clothing sizes, have more energy, and feel better. Nutrition plays a huge role in these goals, obviously. One of the major services I provide is habit-based nutrition coaching. This has proven to be the most successful way…

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checklist for optimal health and fitness

A Daily Checklist For Optimal Health And Fitness

Everyone loves a checklist, right? They make things simple and can streamline even the toughest of tasks. One of the most rigorous objectives we have in life is maintaining our health and fitness. The reason being it requires work. It’s easy to sit on the couch all day and eat whatever we want. But it takes…

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crush any goal

Two Things You Need To Do To Crush Any Goal

A goal is defined as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. Goals are very important in life, because they push us to do something we otherwise may not have attempted. But they can be tough to accomplish. Working with clients week in and week out has given me a…

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What Personal Training Is Really Like

With all the tv shows and movies out there today, personal training has gotten a bad rap. Think about it. In every movie that has a personal training character, they usually are some sort of drug dealer or creep looking to hustle people. And I know you have seen the tv shows like biggest loser.…

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It’s Ok To Say “It’s Ok”

The one aspect of health and fitness that isn’t spoken about much today is mindset. There are magazines and books covering nutrition, workouts, and supplements. And yet one of the biggest players in seeing real results, mindset, isn’t explored. The fact is, a negative mindset can be so powerful, that it can completely derail any effort…

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Exercise Intensity: How To Determine What’s Appropriate

Intensity is a word often misunderstood in the fitness community. Many believe, in order to see results, they need a workout that leaves them vomiting, sweating buckets, and hardly walking the next day. There’s also the opposite end of the spectrum where reading the newspaper and pedaling aimlessly on a recumbent bike go hand in hand toward…

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The Most Underutilized Exercise

A lack of time is the most used excuse people give when they can’t make it to the gym. Does this sound like you? Days filled with meetings, doctor’s appointments, sales calls, and other important events often leave few spare minutes. It makes it seem impossible to be active. Well, I want to talk to…

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The Importance of Sleep

Of all the aspects of health and fitness, I believe sleep is the one that’s most often underrated. You could be doing everything right to get to your goals, but not seeing any progress. If this sounds like you, poor sleep may be the culprit. Studies have shown inadequate sleep (5 hours or less) is…

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