28 tips to improve your health and fitness

28 Tips To Improve Your Health And Fitness

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past few years. Each one of them being different than the next. They’ve had their own struggles and challenges and had to learn how to overcome them as they attempted to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot along…

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4 mistakes beginners make in the gym

4 Mistakes Beginners Make In The Gym That Will Undoubtedly Stop Progress

Depending on where you’re at in life, a mistake can either be a good or bad thing. On one hand, they help us learn and grow so we can do things better than we did previously. On the other hand, they can hold us back from making progress towards a goal or achievement. The funny…

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Creating A Plan For The New Year

This is the time of year when all the New Year’s resolutions begin. Everyone starts off with a can-do attitude and it seems like nothing will stand in their way. But just like every year, life happens. They get busy and finds ways to discontinue their resolution efforts. That’s why most resolutions (and anything for…

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4 Exercises You Need To Do In Your Warm Up

A warm up is usually the most overlooked aspect of a training program. Once the average joe hits the gym, they’re focus is on one thing: the workout. Honestly, this isn’t surprising. The workout is where the majority of people place importance. But a solid warm up can improve performance and reduce injury risk. If…

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How To Properly Warm Up

Warming up is the most overlooked aspect of a workout. Most people don’t know what a good warm up should look like. For the average gym member who does warm up, it usually consists of walking/running on the treadmill for 5 minutes followed by some static stretching. In reality, it should be and is so much more…

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