Tidewater Fitness is proud to offer a fresh, convenient approach to personal training.

Get the full benefit of training at a fraction of the cost, in a place and time convenient for you.


Personal training is an excellent way to invest in your own health. A trainer can take all the guesswork out of your workouts, provide guidance on nutrition, and keep you motivated.

But two of the biggest drawbacks have always been price and the weekly time commitment. Online coaching solves both of these issues.

What is online coaching exactly?

Well, here’s how it works. After an initial assessment, which will provide me with everything I need to create a customized program just for you, we will get to work on achieving your fitness goals and building your ideal body.

Don’t be fooled though. This isn’t some rigorous training program or strict meal plan designed to make you miserable and hate life. No one wants that. This will be tailored specifically to you to get the best results possible.

Each time you hit the gym, you will have your workouts in the palm of your hand so you know exactly what to do. No more wondering aimlessly around trying to think of what exercises you should be doing.

My approach to nutrition is simple. I will help you build healthy eating habits that will allow you to maintain your results long after we’re done working together. No more yo-yo dieting or worrying about what you should be eating.

And most importantly, online coaching will fit your life not the other way around. I know you have work, family, and a social life. You want to devote time to these things without sacrificing your fitness. With this program, you choose when you want to work out so you can still enjoy things like date nights, parties, and holidays. 

A little bit more about the process….

I have packages you can choose from ranging from $99-$199. So there is something to fit your budget. 

Your workout will be sent to you directly each month complete with video demonstrations and exercise instructions. You’ll also be given nutrition habits to focus on every month to take your results to the next level. And through email support, I’ll be there guiding you every step of the way.

If you’re on the fence about online coaching just consider this. They’ve done studies on it and it’s been shown that 60% of the time it works every time.

Note: that doesn’t make sense but I’m convinced if you know what movie that’s from we’d work well together 🙂

But in all seriousness, if you want to know whether online coaching will work for you, just check out what our client Sandy had to say.

Sandy E.

Before I found Jarred at Tidewater Fitness, I lacked any structure and consistency. I struggled to gain any ground in my fitness goals. Jarred’s attention to detail and showing me proper form had me able to perform challenging routines and stay motivated. The online program and mobile app changed everything. I went from working out three days a week to five. It is so easy when you have your trainer right there with you on your phone. My workouts, and Jarred’s encouragement, helped me release the stress of daily life. He has been my biggest cheerleader. I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been.

Sandy E.


So if want to give it go, just fill out the application below and I’ll respond within the next 24 hours of receiving your info.

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