28 tips to improve your health and fitness

28 Tips To Improve Your Health And Fitness

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past few years. Each one of them being different than the next. They’ve had their own struggles and challenges and had to learn how to overcome them as they attempted to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot along…

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treat yourself

Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself

Have you seen the show Parks and Recreation? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It’s hilarious! I never saw it when it was on air, but last year my wife and I watched the entire series on Netflix. One of the running jokes throughout the series occurs between two of the main characters: Tom Haverford…

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health and fitness

The Health And Fitness Equation

One of my nephews recently started learning his multiplication tables in school. He has this little game where a problem is presented and he has to select the answer he thinks is correct. I watched him one day and started thinking about how simple basic math is. I mean, 2 x 2 will always equal…

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not seeing results in the gym

What To Do When You’re Not Seeing Results In The Gym

It can be frustrating to go to the gym week in and week out and not see any visible progress. I’ve worked in several commercial gyms and can tell you from experience that the majority of gym members feel this way. They constantly put in the work, but the results just aren’t there. In times…

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stop hunger cravings

Eat These Foods To Stop Hunger Cravings

The main nutritional focus with any weight loss or fat loss goal is to eat less calories than you expend. While some would have you believe there’s more to it than that, it all comes down to calories. One of the main problems people face when eating less calories is hunger cravings. But this is…

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checklist for optimal health and fitness

A Daily Checklist For Optimal Health And Fitness

Everyone loves a checklist, right? They make things simple and can streamline even the toughest of tasks. One of the most rigorous objectives we have in life is maintaining our health and fitness. The reason being it requires work. It’s easy to sit on the couch all day and eat whatever we want. But it takes…

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high-protein breakfast meals

5-Minute, High-Protein Breakfast Meals That Are Actually Healthy

In all my experience when working with clients, the one meal that’s always hardest to conquer is breakfast. Most morning meals are loaded down with carbohydrates (pancakes and french toast anyone?) and hardly any protein to boot. This does little to satisfy your hunger, as many will find themselves reaching for a snack an hour…

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