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Best Fitness Articles From The Previous Week: June 26 2016

Each week, I publish a list of best fitness articles from the previous week. These articles range from a wide variety of topics like nutrition, training, stress management, weight loss, general health, recipes, etc. Here is the list from the week of June 19 – June 25.

1. 7 Graphs That Prove Calories Count: Courtesy of Rudy Mawer on Authority Nutrition

There will always be a fight amongst those in the fitness and nutrition industry over whether calories really matter when it comes to weight loss/gain. Well, Authority Nutrition is here to provide a real, research based answer. In this article, Rudy shows you 7 graphs and research studies that show why calories count.

2. How Abs Of Steel Cause Back Pain: Courtesy of Jennifer Houghton on Breaking Muscle

One of the main areas that people love to target when they hit the gym is their abs. Walk into any commercial gym and you’ll be sure to see things like sit ups, crunches, the ab coaster, Russian twists, and various exercises like these. The thing is, these exercises often exacerbate back pain rather than relieve it. In this article, Jennifer shows you why this is the case and what you should be doing instead to create a strong, pain-free back.

3. How Distraction Is Rewiring Our Brains-And How Mindfulness Can Help: Courtesy of Chris Kresser on

Distractions are all around us. Go out in public and you’ll surely find someone on their smartphone, surfing the internet, watching tv, etc. While none of these things are bad, they can create problems if done consistently over long periods of time. Some studies show increased levels of stress and anxiety. In this article, Chris talks about how distractions impact our brains and how mindfulness can help.

4. 10 Tips To Smash Through A Training Plateau: Courtesy of Saul McAuthur on Breaking Muscle

No matter who you are, you’ll hit a training plateau at some point or another. You won’t make progress like you used to. There’s nothing to be worried about when this happens. It’s natural, but it’s also frustrating. In this article, Saul talks about 10 different methods you can use to break through a plateau.

5. Is Calorie Counting Right For You?: Courtesy of Dr. Cassandra Forsythe on Girls Gone Strong

The first article this week is all about showing you that calories matter. The question is, should you be counting them to see results? That’s a question where the answer will depend on each specific person. In this article, Dr. Forsythe talks about her journey with counting calories – from the stresses of it to how it’s helped her achieve a healthy bodyweight.

Dinner Recipe Of The Week: Braised Balsamic Chicken

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