Best Articles From The Previous Week: June 28 2015

This will be the start of a brand new series!

I know a lot of people like learning about health, fitness, and nutrition but are unsure where to find quality information. I decided to start compiling a list from the previous week on some of the best articles I come across.

This will be an easy way to give the material to you. To kick things off, here are 4 awesome articles from the past week.

1. 10 Benefits of Whey Protein: Courtesy of Authority Nutrition

Protein is extremely important no matter if your goals is to lose fat or build muscle. Most people do not get enough protein throughout the day, which is why a protein powder supplement is usually a good idea. This article goes through 10 benefits taking a protein supplement.

2. Should I eat cereal?: Courtesy of Iron Body Studios

Cereal is one of the most common breakfast meals. As the author notes in the article, “we have been conditioned to believe cereal is what’s for breakfast.” The article explores why cereal isn’t the best choice to start your day off.

3. Is Obesity A Choice?: Courtesy of Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Many would say obese people are lazy and have no will power when it comes to food. They just need to eat less and move more right? Well, Dr. Nadolsky explains why the obesity epidemic is so much more than that and alternative methods to help those struggling with their weight.

4. Masters Athletes Keep Their Muscle With Age: Courtesy of Bicycle Lab

This article contains some fascinating evidence! As we get older muscle mass tends to decline, but that’s only if you’re not using it. The article cites a study proving this. It’s great news, because it shows exercise could help prevent falling in elderly individuals, rising health care costs, and early deaths.

Hope you enjoy!

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