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Best Fitness Articles From The Previous Week: March 19 2017

Each week, we publish a list of best fitness articles from the previous week. These articles range from a wide variety of topics like nutrition, training, stress management, weight loss, general health, recipes, etc. Here is the list from the week of March 12 – March 18.

1. Women: Forget These Fat Loss Myths: Courtesy of Lauryn Lax on Breaking Muscle

When comes to fat loss, there is tons of misinformation and myths floating around out there. A lot of this information is aimed at women, and it’s doing more harm than good. In this article, Lauryn shares 11 of these myths and what you should do instead.

2. 18 Healthy Foods to Eat When Cravings Strike: Courtesy of Helen West on Authority Nutrition

When trying to lose weight, cravings can strike at any turn. And when this happens, your weight loss diet can quickly turn into an all out binge. But in this article, Helen shares 18 healthy food alternatives you can choose to nip these cravings in the bud.

3. Can You Actually Banish Belly Fat? The Quest For A Flat Stomach: Courtesy of Steve Kamb on Nerd Fitness

The number one area most people would love to lose fat at is their midsection. But you can’t just do a bunch of sit ups and crunches and magically expect your fat to disappear. The body doesn’t work like that. It takes a combination of proper nutrition, strength training, and lifestyle management to create sustainable results. And in this article, Steve provides all the information you need to know to banish belly fat for good.

4. 13 Meal Prep-Friendly Foods You Don’t Need to Reheat: Courtesy of Meal Prep On Fleek on Greatist

There will be times each week and even each month where a hot meal won’t happen. You may be traveling, stuck at the office, or not have access to a microwave. In times like these, it’s important to have a healthy, go-to option. In this article, you’ll find 13 simple foods you can eat without having to warm them up.

5. What To Know Before You Can Lose Weight: Courtesy of Marc Halpern on Breaking Muscle

For many, weight loss is the most important training goal. They want to look better and feel better, but aren’t sure how to actually get there. In this article, Marc shares 3 simple strategies you need to know before you lose weight. These tips will not only help you get to your goal weight, but they’ll help you maintain your results.

Dinner Recipe Of The Week: Pan Seared Salmon

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