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Best Fitness Articles From The Previous Week: October 22 2017

Each week, we publish a list of best fitness articles from the previous week. These articles range from a wide variety of topics like nutrition, training, stress management, weight loss, general health, recipes, etc. Here is the list from the week of October 15 – October 21.

1. Are Weight Loss Shakes The Key To Lasting Weight Loss?: Courtesy of JC Deen on JCD Fitness

Weight loss shakes are very popular right now. Most nutritional companies promote them as a solution to stubborn body fat. But are they actually helpful for weight loss and if so, do they help you maintain it? In this article, JC digs into the this question and provides a non-biased, research-driven answer.

2. Get The Benefits Of Cardio In A Fraction Of The Time!: Courtesy of Hobart Swan on

One of the biggest excuses people make for not exercising is time. And I get it. There are only so many hours in a day. With work, family, and your social life, it’s can be hard to find time to fit it in. But the good news is you don’t have to log hours of exercise each week to see the benefits. In this article, Hobart digs into a research study that shows 30 minutes of exercise per week can provide numerous benefits.

3. Exercise The “Right” Way: Courtesy of Max Shank on

Exercise has become a huge debate. Many believe their way is the only way and if you aren’t doing it like them then you are just plain wrong. But exercise can encompass many different aspects. In this article, Max shares a 3-step process to make sure you are doing exercise the right way and how to get the biggest benefit from it.

4. This Instagram Blogger Is Showing How Easy It Is To Exaggerate Fitness Pictures: Courtesy of Olivia Blair on Cosmopolitan

I know what you’re thinking. Cosmopolitan, what the?? Well, I came across this article over the past week and thought it would be good to share. With the growth of social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to see body transformations and wish you looked like this person or that person. In this article, Olivia shows you how it’s easy to exaggerate the way your body looks. The point of the overall post is to be happy with your own body. Love yourself and be proud of who you are. I think we could all use a little reminder of that.

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