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Best Fitness Articles From The Previous Week: October 16 2016

Each week, we publish a list of best fitness articles from the previous week. These articles range from a wide variety of topics like nutrition, training, stress management, weight loss, general health, recipes, etc. Here is the list from the week of October 9 – October 15.

1. 5 Reasons We Struggle To Get In Shape And How To Deal With Them: Courtesy of JC Deen on JCFitness

It’s hard to get in shape. If you work a normal 8-5 job, by the time you get home you’re too exhausted to do anything else that day, right?. It’s a story that’s common with the majority of people. In this article, JC shares several more reasons why you may struggle to get in shape and then provides you with a detailed plan to combat them to ensure you get the results you want.

2. 6 Mistakes That Slow Down Your Metabolism: Courtesy of Franziska Spritzler on Authority Nutrition

Your metabolism is quite important in the weight loss equation. One of it’s biggest tasks includes helping you sustain your results. But if your metabolism decreases, it could have negative consequences on your body. In this article, Franziska outlines 6 crucial mistakes that slow down your metabolism and what you should do to ensure this doesn’t happen.

3. The Definitive Guide To Wine: Courtesy of Mark Sisson on Mark’s Daily Apple

I get asked a lot of questions about wine and whether it is good or bad for you. I came across this article this week and thought it would be a perfect feature for this post. In this article, Mark covers tons of research studies about wine and it’s pros and cons.

4. Is Snacking Good Or Bad For You?: Courtesy of Franziska Spritzler on Authority Nutrition

Snacking is an interesting subject. On one hand, some believe it can help prevent you from overeating. On the other hand, others believe it can lead to poor choices and an excess of calories. Which opinion is correct? In his second article this week, Franziska digs through the research to answer this question once and for all.

5. Why Your Weight Fluctuates: Courtesy of Jen Comas on Girls Gone Strong

The scale often dictates one’s life when they seek weight loss. The thing is, what they weigh one day might not be the same the next day. And in days of fluctuation, it’s easy to get worried that progress has stalled. But in this article, Jen explains how weight can fluctuate and why it’s not a big deal.

Lunch Recipe Of The Week: Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

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