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Best Fitness Articles From The Previous Week: August 13 2017

Each week, we publish a list of best fitness articles from the previous week. These articles range from a wide variety of topics like nutrition, training, stress management, weight loss, general health, recipes, etc. Here is the list from the week of August 6 – August 12.

1. The 411 On Plantar Fasciitis And How To Make It Vanish: Courtesy of Dr. Michael Infantino on

Plantar fasciitis is something most people will deal with at some point in their life. I’ve had it before and it can be very painful. And one question I get often is “What can be done to make it better?” Well in this article, Dr. Infantino shares what exactly causes it and how you can make it vanish.

2. Carbs: When, How Many, And What Kind: Courtesy of T Nation

Carbohydrates can be a very complex subject. Some will tell you to eat a low carb diet to lose weight, while others may say carbs will help you perform better in the gym and subsequently see better results. With all the information out there, it’s hard to know who’s right. Well in this article, T Nation gathered 8 of the top nutritionists and fitness pros to share their answer on all things carbohydrates.

3. The Complete Guide To Pressing: Courtesy of Nick Tumminello on

There are tons of different pressing exercises that all work the chest, shoulders, and arms in different ways. It’s best to work in a variety of rep ranges to build a stronger and more injury resistant body. In this article, Nick shares over 15 different pressing exercises and shows you how best to work them into your workout program.

4. Do You Need To Ditch The Diet Mindset: Courtesy of Jen Comas on Girls Gone Strong

Many of us believe we are supposed to look a certain way or weigh a certain weight based on things we see on television or in a magazine. We are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. And as such, we take a diet mindset. This belief that you have to be restrictive with your food to force yourself to lose weight. But in this article, Jen shares a few strategies to help you determine if a diet is the best thing for you.

5. 8 Ways To Lose Fat When Things Get Hectic: Courtesy of Akash Vaghela on T Nation

Business is often seen as this badge of honor, where you can’t possibly fit anything more into your schedule. But if you want to get your ideal body, business can’t be an excuse. And just because your schedule is tight doesn’t mean you can’t work around it to improve the way your body looks. In this article, Akash shares 8 different strategies you can use to shed fat when things get hectic.

Dinner Recipe Of The Week: Cilantro Lime Shrimp With Mango Avocado Salsa

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